The Cerulean Royal (sixth entry)

A woman made me what I am today
Yes, I too had humble beginnings
She was not the demonic angel I know you to be,
but I would have maimed any decent person
to keep her close

When her ghost comes calling,
I want you to let me fall under its spell
I want you to watch me chase her with your chains
Then I want you to lick her weak in the knees

For she’s a mirror which still bears the reflection
of that person I wish you had the chance to love
And I need you to see it before the baby comes
That way I could, at least, hope
that your sleep might be filled with pretty faces;
mine among them

But once you’ve seen the man you missed out on,
selflessly whirling about in her head,
I want you to cut her to pieces with your eyes
I want her to know that it’s you who’s doing her in

Take me while she watches
Kiss me while she cries
Sing loud of our love as her empty lungs
learn the pain of silence
You have no idea how hopeless she left me

And when your light has turned her ghost to stone,
I want you to understand
that you have healed the worst of my hurts,
and that there are no more heartaches to come

Poetry from POETiCA by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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