Lazy Candy

On my birthday she gave me a shoebox
full of letters she never sent
She just wanted me to know that I stayed on her mind
Years’ worth of words she’d forgotten to say
lay housed in a box which
smelled just like childhood,
and gave back so many memories, that you’d swear
(if only for the moment) I was remade
She said she had never read them;
she just wrote them, and hid them
So she wasn’t exactly sure
how much she was giving away
But she knew it was better
they were never re-penned,
because the morning doesn’t agree
with what the heart has in mind
And, as I read through them, I was sorry
that all of this time had been wasted;
that it took a box full of hidden hurts
to finally make me feel it
But there’s still love for me in that heart of hers
which I’m slowly rediscovering
And, at long last, I’ve blown out these candles
without any wishes born upon that breath
Because it’s only little boys who break hearts
that need wish

Poetry from Ink and Emotion by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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