Misty Kisses

You're a weapon of desire, at peace
only when your trigger is squeezed
I know it takes a gentleman's touch
to remove your safety from the equation

You want a tender mouth to take you
beyond your lady-like persuasion
And I am greater than something dreamed;
at your darkest door, but not knocking

You haven't learned to own the disgrace
which comes with wearing out my name
Nonetheless, I intend to teach you
that karma has no scores to settle

You linger in my line of sight,
knowing that flames are taking aim
And which parts of you will feel
the ferocity of my friendly fire?

Let us hope we're left unidentifiable
once the dust begins to settle
As I suspect that any distance between us
must die if we are to go on living

Poetry from A Bar in Brooklyn by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback coming spring of 2017

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