Do you believe in meant to be?
A moment spent locked in your eyes
feels like it may never end, after all
But it had a beginning,
so reason suspects the end in advance
And then it's over
Told you so
Now wrap those ether arms around me,
and see if I'm willing to forget the truth
just a little while longer

Drunk, we'd lay in my bedroom floor,
and talk about how we were similar
You wondered about
the true nature of our minds;
hoping you'd live to see it proven
that you and I were not possible
without each other
But these were niceties
And, to be brutally honest, I have
no idea how to be as strong
as you were then

For you were there
through the worst of it all
You slept on the couch while I
screwed your noisy friends
You helped me write songs
that weren't even about you
And I never heard you complain
Not once did I see you give in to tears

My hand was up your shirt
the one time you told me
that you had fallen for my secret self
And I let you leave
without giving back
a single word of it
While none of this makes you
a victim of anything more
than your own choices,
I really do wish I had treated you better;
seen you for the amazing you remain,
loved you when I presumed myself

For lovers like you truly are rarities
Love like yours is something no one
can ever actually deserve
Blind men may eventually see the world
with both eyes open
But don't disgrace this by proclaiming it
to be miraculous,
for some blind men have just had
both eyes closed all along
And the first thing this man saw
was you fading
Please know that no part of me
ever wished to see that

Do I believe in meant to be?
It makes no difference
to what I've already been
We probably would have called it quits
within weeks, if attempted
Still, this warrants acknowledging;
the fact that often I've wanted
you close again

You were curves in a silhouette on the wall,
yet I was always ready to hear
what you were going to say next
Now all that's left is this thriving desire
to find your voice in a room
lit only by the bright side of the moon;
the way it used to be,
the way it should have always been

Poetry from The Astrals by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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