Adept Perception

There are paths into the shadows
which condemn a man to darkness,
but we trek them for a reason
Reason being: all challenges end
We grow greater
All trails end, or (at the least) diverge
And, when that happens,
we may (with any luck) come to realize
that no man finds himself
within a mirrored reflection;
before the light which traps his intent
For among the falling shade, dreams are born,
and belief in that second star to the right
(so, oh, so bright beneath
a moonbeam of clarity)
reappears to eyes of ice and steel
It is there you’ll hear the bards playing,
humbly, the tunes of a majestic rebirth
The choice then being between
that of a free heart and a popular thought,
once this change befalls his footpath
Shall he step back into the light,
or follow that star... straight on 'til morning?

Poetry from Ink and Emotion by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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