You are a question, and I know the answer
Ask me what my thoughts think to do
whenever I'm looking at you
I'll tell you if your body continues begging
Hint? You couldn't guess enough times
to ever, even once, be wrong

You face the heartless mirror,
hoping someone else will see
Well, here's a new line for your markers:
'He's going to stain the glass with me'
It's pointless, trying to resist
what we know is meant to happen
You'll open your body like a book,
and I'll find space for new words

You'd have me reach through the screen,
and touch your bare unknown
Instead I'll find you in the flesh,
and prove I plan to have you
One more night without your delights
is proving unacceptable
So come close enough to hear me whisper
that your voice was designed to riot
Alone and vulnerable among my desires,
you will learn to shout mortality away

You are a question, and I am the answer
Thus, I suppose you're welcome
for what awaits...

Poetry from A Bar in Brooklyn by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback coming spring of 2017

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