Meet Me Where I Am

Tennis shoes on moon-kissed suburban streets
A hug you haven't been able to replace
Someone your children
remember giving them bigger smiles
Gene Kelly when it rains
The person she wants to impress
when she's putting eye shadow on
The provoke-able beast, caged in quiet calm
Sex on a dusty back road
Still counting your I love you's
Smooth speeder, flying the freeway
A safe, but never subtly-sought thrill
Married to music, and romancing her form
Cheating on faith, because reason actually
knows what she's doing
The gift you didn't deserve, and friend you forgot you had
Spray-painted roses or records hung on the wall

Dreamer, tending a nursery of newborn suns
Blood-spitter with tattooed scars for a heart
Forever inspired by the bare body of a woman
Wondering how long it will be before we talk again
Not quite the painter my father should have been
Fresh mint in my mouth, masking
the scent of your salty thighs
Blue lights in dark rooms, and a joint which won't let us hide
Doubting that sad reflection I so often find
More successful than anyone truly knows
Soft hands worth holding on windy winter mornings
A needy toddler who won you over by showing his teeth
And so, even if no, yes
we've met

Poetry from The Astrals by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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