Beauty Sleep

I remember when you brought
all of that yarn to school
Yards of braided string
you were so adorably proud of;
openly airing the secrets
of that magical little mind you dwell within,
and a class of cold children just couldn’t understand
I wish someone would reassure me
that I’m not the only one who finally does

I remember the day I realized
what the word love is meant to mean
You were alone on a stage, singing that song
which still makes you blush every time I bring it up
I turned to Thomas, and told him that I loved you
And, though I’d never actually thought about it
before that very moment, I knew this was something
which could never be taken back
But I laughed it off to keep from crying,
and continued listening to you breaking my heart

I remember every little moment with you
that I’ve been blest enough to have
You never lost those things which made you undeniable
And I fail to see how I could love you better,
just knowing that no one will ever love you more
than this friend whom you will always have

Poetry from Ink and Emotion by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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