You get the best of my worst,
and you better the worst of my best
You’re the only thing I can’t escape loving
when hate starts taking over

Your way is awkward ice cream smiles
My way is bottled and bitter tears
You tell me that if I’m working on building an ocean,
then there better be chocolate trees on the shore

I watch you resting in the absence of humbug;
content to do nothing when there’s little to be done
Meanwhile I run spheres around circles until dizzy,
and secretly wish I could be more like you

I’ve complained often of what you aren’t;
overly concerned that I’ll always want more than you are
Yet this says nothing of what I have actual need of
For, you see, my heart would starve without you

And I’d like to offer some easy advice
about how to handle the emotional mess I can be,
but you already seem to know what you’re doing;
so just keep being you

Words like ‘thank you’ will never suffice;
I’ve wrestled hard with my gift for them,
but still haven’t found the right ones to give you
That is what you teach me to take

And wherever you are, sound as the ground,
there too shall I be found
Because, of all the things said to be easy on the eyes,
you are the only light which doesn’t blind me

Poetry from POETiCA by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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