My Midnight Violet

Dreaming, I swam through your ashes
in an ocean of my own tears
I swear my bones came out smiling

Dreaming, you were an ancient tree
which only I could climb
The wolves starved and died by your roots

Dreaming, we fit within the same mind,
and made love in empty mirrors
You held my hand, though it was your own

Dreaming, neither of us died first,
and every ending satisfied
You had my magic to keep you safe

Dreaming, my prayers fell to your ears,
and you answered them with silent deeds
Summer and winter were never parted

Dreaming, I lived you with both eyes open,
and you were much more than dreaming
We slept in black pools of firework words

Dreaming, I was a dead man,
and you were the undead
But alas, death does not dream

And so I sleep to dream of you
until I am your time too,
for there shall all of us go unknown

Poetry from The Astrals by Shane Windham
E-book and paperback now on Amazon.com

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